Pienter 2019

Pienter is the introduction camp for first year students of (Applied) Physics, (Applied) Mathematics and Astronomy at the University of Groningen. The introduction camp is organised by the study associations for these studies.

The camp is a yearly event where students have the first opportunity to meet each other before starting their new studies in their new home town. You'll make friends that will help you through your study during those difficult times of exams, that can help you with that long problem set, or can help you empty that crate of beer.

During the camp, no activities are mandatory! Pienter is not intended to perform hazing rituals - it's just a nice first weekend with your new friends. The organising parties have also signed a code of conduct with the university.

We will not tell you exactly what we're about to do during the camp, but for a sneak peak you can have a look in our gallery!