About Pienter

Hi, and welcome to the official Pienter 2019 website! On this website you can find out everything there is to know about the camp. You can also sign up for the camp. Use the top bar to navigate your way through the website.


Pienter is the introduction camp for first-year students to be in the studies of the studies Physics, Applied Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. The introduction camp is a weekend directly after the mandatory faculty introduction day at the university where you get the chance to meet your fellow freshmen and strike the first friendships before the start of the academic year.

You might have noticed some of the bad publicity on introduction camps for student associations in The Netherlands. These camps were from organisations that perform hazing rituals during their introduction camp. It is important to know that Pienter is nothing like this. Pienter is just an opportunity to get to know people from your studies. No activities are mandatory!

Biking to the camp
One of the groups is on is way to The Loryann, our group accomodation for the weekend!

What will we do?

After the faculty introduction day, you will split up in groups and bike (approx. 45 km) to the location where the camp is held: Houtwâl 11, in Friesland. Once you get there in the end of the afternoon, we will have dinner and some time for resting. After this, we will have our first evening activity, where teamwork with your groups is essential. After the activity, you're free to do whatever you want. The bar closes at 03:00, but you can go to bed earlier if you want.

On the second day, you will be awoken around nine, after which there will be the possibility for hygiene and breakfast. Activities on the nearby sand plains are arranged for you to enjoy - you'll compete against other groups for the highest score and a prize! Lunch will be provided at the plains as well. By the end of the afternoon, you will have some spare time and get back to The Loryann. There you can have a few drinks, while you await the final preparations for dinner. In the evening, there will be a smaller social activity as well, or you can choose to hang out at the campfire and chat with your friends instead.

The third day has no large activities scheduled. It will mainly consist of having breakfast, cleaning up part of the mess and biking back to Groningen. At around 16:00, you will be back in Groningen at the faculty where you can also pick up your luggage.

Activities on the plains
People are quite fanatic during the activities at the plains, as this picture can confirm!

What should you bring?

As you will be away for the better part of a weekend, you will need to bring some things with you. Don't worry though - you don't have to cycle to The Loryann with all your luggage on you. We'll take care of that with a van. However, it is wise to bring your bags to the faculty introduction day such that we can guarantee that they are on the camp in time.

So, what should you bring?

Packing list
Toiletries Nightwear Bottle of water
Sleeping bag Clothes that may get dirty Medication
Sunscreen Swimwear Slippers
Pillowcase Towel Snacks (for while biking)
A bike (or rent one, see signup form) Sunglasses Games (cards, football, werewolves...)


As mentioned before, the camp will take place at The Loryann. We will bike there together, so don't be afraid that you will not know how to get there!

The Loryann is a group accomodation and offers an availability for approximately 175 people. There is therefore also a limited availability for the camp. If you really have to, after discussing with the organising committee, you can also go there yourself. The address is:

The Loryann
Houtwâl 11
9243 KC Bakkeveen The Netherlands

The group guides will be provided with a route. There are 2 - 3 group guides per group of 10 - 15 first year students while cycling to The Loryann.