About Pienter

Hi, and welcome to the official Pienter Camp 2023 website! On this website you can find out everything there is to know about the event. You can also sign up (under Home, or on the top right corner). Use the top bar to navigate your way through the website.


Pienter Camp is an introduction weekend meant for students that will be starting their first year in the studies (Applied) Physics, (Applied) Mathematics and Astronomy. The introduction event happens during the weekend before the big start of university, here you get the chance to meet your fellow freshmen and strike the first friendships before the start of the academic year.

After the faculty introduction day we will all leave towards the location by bike! During the weekend we have plenty of fun activities planned for you.

You might have noticed some of the bad publicity on introduction camps for student associations in The Netherlands. These camps were from organisations that perform hazing rituals during their introduction camp. It is important to know that Pienter is nothing like this. Pienter is just an opportunity to get to know people from your studies. No activities are mandatory!

Biking to the camp
One of the groups from a previous year biking.

What will we do?

Pienter camp will kick off right after the faculty introduction day for (Applied) Physics and Astronomy, on friday the 1st of September. You will be divided in groups and given two 'pienter parents' who will guide you through the weekend. We will cycle to the destination (The Loryann, Bakkeveen). We highly recommend you to join us by bike, since cycling is such a huge part of Dutch culture. Please let us know if this is not a possibility for you! If you don't have a bike, don't worry! There will be an option to rent a bike from us at campus.

We'll arrive around 5 at the location where you all can get acclimated, we will provide dinner and afterwards there will be an activity in the forest to start to get to know your fellow students.

The next day, Saturday the 2nd, we will host an olympics day filled with games in which you can compete with other teams. In the evening we'll be having a BBQ (with vegetarian options) followed by some drinks and gezelligheid :).

Sunday will be dedicated to cleaning up and afterwards there is an opportunity to go swimming.

Activities on the plains
People are quite fanatic during some sports activities, as this picture can confirm!

What should you bring?

Since the event takes place far away from Groningen, you need to make sure to take everything you need. Here are the general recommendations we have for you and please take them seriously. Be aware that the accommodation only facilitates a mattress and pillow with the bed, but NO BEDDING, so please bring your own.

So, what should you bring?

Packing list
BEDDING and BLANKET/SLEEPING BAG Water bottle Swimming equipment - swimsuit, goggles, whatever you want really a Bike (if you have one, or you could rent one from us, see signup form)
Comfortable shoes Clothes that may get dirty Medication any other self-care products you may need
Sunscreen Sunglasses or/and hat Some sort of ID that shows age (without this, you cannot buy drinks) toothbrush, toothpaste
Phone Towel Snacks (for while biking)


This year we resume the tradition and once again go to The Loryann, in Bakkeveen, Frisland. It is about 40km away from the Zernike Campus and provides perfect setting around the nature and peace from outside world.