Pienter 2017

Medieval Merrymaking 

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Pienterkamp has scientifically been proven to be the place to meet other first year students of (Applied) Mathematics, (Applied) Physics and Astronomy! This year the camp will be filled with fun activities, fun evenings (with a couple of beverages) and a lot of fun fun. You will be put into groups, together with two “parents”. With your group you’ll compete against other groups in pub quizzes, games and the greatest sport of all time: Vlaby. So come to Pienterkamp, as you are sure to meet friends and make some great memories!  


This year the camp will start on Friday September 1st and end on Sunday September 3rd. This means that the camp is two weeks after the KEI-week, giving you plenty of time to recover! On Friday after the Faculty Introduction Day, we will depart by bicycle towards the camp. We expect to come back at roughly the end of the afternoon on Sunday.


This year, the camp will once again be held in the trusty Loryann, located in Bakkeveen (Houtwâl 11, Bakkeveen). We will go here by bike, therefore you should bring yours! Don’t have a bike? Don’t worry, we’re not gonna make you walk, it is possible to rent a bike, which can be done via the signup form. It will cost an additional €15 on top of the camp fee. We hope to see you all here!


If you have any questions or wish to contact our fair committee, you may deliver us an electronic missive at: mail@pienterkamp.nl Or send your carrier pigeon to:  
Edward Boere, Chairman, Pienter Committee  
Fysisch-Mathematisch Faculteitsvereiniging, 
Nijenborgh 4, 9747 AG, Groningen  
The Netherlands


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